AIYEHUM 2016 Shortlisted Projects

No Project ID Project Title Country Section
1 2016A044 Eye Braille Slate Fiji IEEE New Zealand Section
2 2016A217 Cost and Energy Ecient Special Assistance Electric Roll chair for Mobility Impaired India IEEE Kerala Section
3 2016A115 A novel portable measurement device for thyroid diagnosis in rural area medical check-up camps. India IEEE Delhi Section
4 2016A185 Intelligent phase failure control of distribution transformer for Rural Areas/Remote Areas India IEEE Madras Section
5 2016A022 Smart Train India IEEE Pune Section
6 2016A069 Path line Based automatic tricycle for physically disabled person using hybrid technology India IEEE Madras Section
7 2016A126 Environmental Hygienic Automatic Garbage Disposal System (AGDS) India IEEE Madras Section
8 2016A178 A safe and enhanced navigation system for the visually challenged India IEEE Madras Section
9 2016A039 Parameter Optimisation of Eco-wood from water hyacinth India IEEE Kerala Section
10 2016A273 Wearable Bluetooth Based Man Overboard Detection System For Fishermen India IEEE Madras Section
11 2016A210 Tricopter for detection of crop disease India IEEE Hyderabad Section
12 2016A197 Project ‘I am not alone’ Pakistan IEEE Islamabad Section
13 2016A157 Solar Power with Automatic Cleaning System and Sunlight Direction Indonesia IEEE Indonesia Section
14 2016A183 Safety Artisanal Deep Sea Fisheries using Ultrasonic sensors and GPS tracker India IEEE Madras Section
15 2016A159 Development of a Telerehabilitation Monitoring System for Children with Movement Disorders Malaysia IEEE Malaysia Section
16 2016A251 Low Cost Marine Black Box Bangladesh IEEE Bangladesh Section
17 2016A202 Development of Low Cost Upper Extremities Rehabilitation System with Interactive Feedback for Children with Movement Disorders Malaysia IEEE Malaysia Section
18 2016A207 Emergency Help Alert Mobile Cloud (E-HAMC) – Leveraging Fog Computing for Emergency Alert Service Canada IEEE Ottawa Section
19 2016A002 Optimization Techniques for Solving Coverage Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications. Vietnam IEEE Vietnam Section
20 2016A107 FPGA based PWM techniques using Xilinx for controlling solar power inverters Pakistan IEEE Karachi Section