1. The promising projects will be shortlisted based on the innovation, results expected, sustainability and most importantly on their impact on humanity or on community. Once your project is shortlisted, IEEE will assign you a mentor if you already do not have one.


  2. Good project V/s not-so-project: Your projects can be between the two extreme ends as depicted below. It is better to be as close to the first example as possible.


    • Example of a good project: To develop a low cost solar electric lighting system and deploy it in a village nearby. The project was able to light a few homes and users are happy to find the project affordable and easy to maintain. An NGO in the village is interested to manufacture more such project kits and distribute. The project is such that it can easily be replicated and handed over to working with the NGO to sustain its usage for long term.


    • Example of not-so-good project: The team has implemented a great algorithm to identify gestures of a physically challenged person. It is intended that after recognizing gestures, control signals could be generated to control a wheelchair or home electronics or anything in general, nothing is specific though. The team has not tested it on an actual patient but they feel that it might work great because it identifies one of their friend’s gestures. They have also not implemented a physical prototype system that uses this algorithm to help a patient.


  3. The short-listed project teams will be given a grant of up to US$500 for prototype development and completion of the project.


  4. Short-listed project teams will be notified by email by End-August. A mentor will also be assigned to the short-listed teams if they do not have one. The short-listed teams must acknowledge the offer of the grant within 10 days after being notified in order to obtain the grant.


  5. All short-listed project teams who have been given the grant must submit 2 reports, a progress report and a final report.


  6. The final report must include photographs of the prototype being developed. Top 3 teams will be selected by a panel of experts based on the results achieved and the impact on humanity, or on a community.


  7. The winners will be awarded with prizes and certificates in a suitable ceremony.


  8. The top team will be invited to present their work in one of the IEEE R10 Conference/meeting. The travel will be partially funded by the IEEE.


  9. All short-listed teams will be given certificates once their final report is received by the organising committee.


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